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It's a Love Story

Blackwood Institute : The Complete Trilogy

Blackwood Institute : The Complete Trilogy

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Brooklyn West, a convicted murderer and diagnosed Schizophrenic, is given an offer she can't refuse-attend the prestigious Blackwood Institute and complete its three-year experimental program, or rot behind bars for the rest of her life.

The deal is simple.

Or so she thought.

Within the institute's blood-soaked walls lies a harrowing reality, painted as a medical marvel to the outside world.

Brooklyn doesn't care what terrors await.

She has one mission; to end her own life.

Four broken fellow patients are determined to derail her plans. All carrying secrets of their own, Kade, Hudson, Eli and Phoenix will stop at nothing to save Brooklyn from herself.

Together, they must fight to survive Blackwood's horrors.

Even if it means becoming the monsters themselves.

Get all three books in the internationally bestselling Blackwood Institute series for one price, plus three brand new bonus scenes and an exclusive 9,000 word extended epilogue set after BI #3.

This is a dark, why choose romance trilogy with morally grey antiheroes, a fierce, scarred heroine embracing her inner darkness and mind-bending plot twists from start to finish.

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