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It's a Love Story

Finders Keepers -

Finders Keepers -

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She found a love worth more than money.

When Olivia Cameron set out to renovate the house left to her by her great-aunt, the last thing she expected to find behind the walls was millions of dollars worth of currency dated circa 1929. As the director of a charter school, to reap this much money would be life changing, so long as it's hers to keep. But when FBI agent Sloan Kendrick comes to question her, the instant attraction thrumming between them gives Olivia nervous butterflies.

Sloan feels the pull between him and Olivia too, but he's got a job to do. As his investigation brings him and Olivia closer, Sloan recognizes in Olivia's hesitation that she doesn't fully trust him yet...

Because a romance like this is too good to be true. Olivia has already had her miracle, and lightning doesn't strike twice, does it?

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