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It's a Love Story

Hunt Me Darling

Hunt Me Darling

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FBI forensic profiler Agent Alexandra Darling is known for her unsettling affinity for murderers and their victims.

As she joins a task force assigned to capture a notorious duo of killers, her forbidden fascination with the twisted motivations behind their crimes takes a dangerous turn.

Delving deep into the darkness, she finds herself entangled in a dangerous game that blurs the lines between hunter and hunted, love and obsession. One that would forever redefine her understanding of desire, and the depths of her own soul.

She quickly learns nothing is what it seems. Alexandra's journey will test the limits of her sanity at the same time as it challenges her perceptions of justice.

Will she be just another victim? Or do they have something different in mind for their little Darling?

Maree's Note: Warning, this book is a whychoose MFM dark contemporary romance. It contains very explicit 18+ dark, sexual content, and straight-up smut. The male leads are not prince charming, they are villains with psycho tendencies and therefore there is stalking, obsessive and possessive behavior, unaliving people, and lots of dark and twisted content. There is a warning list at the front of the book but please feel free to reach out to me on social media prior to purchasing. Proceed at your own risk, if you dare. All the characters are 18+

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