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It's a Love Story

Mostly Loathing You

Mostly Loathing You

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To say Hannah Thatcher-Miles loathes Liam Park is an understatement. He is arrogant, rude, and much to her dismay-completely irresistible. For the most part he has been avoidable, until she finds herself desperate and has to accept a position at his father's law his assistant.

Liam has begun taking on more responsibility at Baker & Park. With new responsibility comes a new assistant, but Liam could have never predicted that it would be none other than the life-long bane of his existence and the daughter of his dad's best friend, Hannah.

Now that they're both in Hannah's brother's wedding and have to spend every day together at work, it's impossible to escape one another. With tensions at an all-time high, Liam is realizing that maybe he doesn't hate Hannah as much as he used to, if he ever really did at all.

Temptation leads to crossed lines, leaving Hannah and Liam with an impossible question to answer. Are love and loathing really just a sliver apart?

Mostly Loathing You is a fun story about falling in love with the person you'd least expect, the person you detest. However, it does dive into topics surrounding self esteem and complicated parental relationships. This story also includes bully romance elements. If this is something that is not conducive to your mental health, please feel empowered to skip this one.

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