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It's a Love Story

Oaths and Omissions - (Paperback)

Oaths and Omissions - (Paperback)

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Lenny Primrose has lived her entire life as her rich father's puppet. Now, at twenty-three, she's no longer interested in playing his games.

Unfortunately, the only way to avoid being married off to one of her father's business partners is to involve the man he fears most: the British assassin who almost killed him.

Jonas Wolfe would be content to never be in the same room as a Primrose ever again. His days are filled with contracted murder and running his pub; anything to keep him from sitting around thinking about his one failed mission.

But when Lenny commits a rash crime, Jonas steps in to help, and extracting himself from her family becomes impossible.

Especially when she bats her pretty green eyes, proposing a fake relationship that she vows will benefit them both. Interested in improving his public image, Jonas agrees, and they learn quickly that they're incredibly compatible in the physical sense. As the two grow closer and bond over their common enemy, Lenny still remains distant and closed-off.

Turns out she's keeping a horrible secret... one that threatens to tear them apart.

****Oaths and Omissions is a full-length, standalone, dark contemporary romance inspired by the Helen of Troy myth. It is NOT fantasy or a literal retelling. If you're not a reader of the genre, this book may not be suitable for you. Reader discretion is advised.

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