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It's a Love Story

Right Man, Right Time - (Vancouver Agitators) (Paperback)

Right Man, Right Time - (Vancouver Agitators) (Paperback)

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Running to your ex is never ideal.

Running into your ex who is now dating your nemesis is a literal nightmare

That's how I found myself in a sheer panic, reaching for the closest guy at the bar and kissing him. And to my delight, he was easily the most attractive man I've ever seen.

The only problem is, when I tried to walk away after thanking him for his help, he stopped me with three life-changing words... "You owe me."

That's how I found myself, a college girl, in a fake relationship with a professional hockey player ten years older than me.

At first it was easy.

He helped me with my internship.

I helped keep his ex away from him.

We were becoming fast friends.

It wasn't until he started staying the night at my dorm did the rules of our arrangement become complicated.

Now my feelings are involved and even though I kissed the right man at the right time, I'm worried he's just waiting for the clock to run out.

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