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It's a Love Story

The Art of Falling in Love: A Hot and Steamy

The Art of Falling in Love: A Hot and Steamy

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It's irritation at first sight when Lulu destroys Nick's shoe, and his peace of mind, with a wicked stiletto. And that's just for starters.


He's so annoying.

Okay, so maybe he is the sexiest man I've ever met in real life. I mean, those lips...

And maybe he did give me the best O of my life.

But it absolutely won't happen again.

Until it does.


She's infuriating.

And not my type. Definitely not my type.

But the smell of her wildflower hair goes straight to my boxers.

I barely recognise the man I become when I'm with her. In the best of ways.

It can't last, of course.

Battling to overcome their lifetime of baggage is one thing, but will taking on a meddling mother, an ex-girlfriend who won't take no for an answer, and a wicked set of bovine horns prove too much?

This spicy romance features a grumpy, cinnamon-roll lawyer with a hidden talent for dirty talk, a sunshiny artist with a morbid fear of commitment, and more highland cattle than you might expect.

Don't miss The Art of Falling in Love, winner of the Romance Writers of Australia Best Unpublished Manuscript 2022, by debut novelist Carrie Clarke.

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