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It's a Love Story

The Hearts We Break

The Hearts We Break

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The most important organ in your body, one of the most fragile too.

I've always worn mine on my sleeve. I put my heart into everything I've ever done and for the most part it's worked out for me.

I'm the best running back in the league, I have a great family and a smoking hot wife.

That is until a nasty hit takes me down in a big way.

Everyone told me I was done. They turned their backs on me, except for my best friend, Scarlett Hayes.

With her help, I'll be catching passes in no time. What I wasn't expecting to catch was feelings. Feelings for her.

I'm starting to wonder if I missed something a while ago, something big.

Was it always supposed to be me and bubbles? Or did this all come out of nowhere?

Either way, I know one thing for sure. It's not just my heart on the line here.

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