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It's a Love Story

Their Dark Rose:

Their Dark Rose:

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Not all fairy tales are sweet. Some are dark and twisted. Forbidden. I learned that the hard way...My world was shattered when I was ten years old.

My dad went to prison. My mom disappeared without a word.

It was my godfathers who rescued me.

For years, they've kept me safe from my murderous aunt and her stepson. Sheltered me in their home.

But as my eighteenth birthday nears, everything starts to change.

Mason isn't as broody and distant with me. Falk is less of a bully. And the way Finn teases me doesn't feel... innocent anymore. They want to make me theirs.

And I want to let them.So, when the clock strikes twelve on my birthday and they come to me, I won't be asleep. I'll be here, waiting for them.Wide awake.Their Dark Rose is a dark, erotic romance that can be read as a standalone. Download today and get ready for a Sleeping Beauty retelling you never saw coming.Please check for full content disclaimer at the beginning of the book or on my website

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