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It's a Love Story

Untamed: A Second Chance Romance

Untamed: A Second Chance Romance

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We were best friends, but I wanted more.

Over a decade ago, I risked everything telling Hayes how I felt about him. But when he shut it down, I ran away and never looked back.

Until my mom calls and says she needs my help, forcing me to make my way back to Cane Creek, Montana. And Hayes Black's annoying charm.

Hayes works his way back into my life, begging for a second chance at our friendship. It takes a lot of groveling, but I finally relent. After all, he was my best friend. Losing a love like that is tough.

I soon realize my feelings are still there, and he makes it clear that friendship isn't all he wants from me either.

Our past is full of things we should've done better - secrets we kept and mistakes we made hang heavy over our heads.

Maybe this second chance wasn't such a great idea after all.

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