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It's a Love Story

A Curse of Flame and Ash (A Realm of Chaos)

A Curse of Flame and Ash (A Realm of Chaos)

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Mortal and Fae must join once more,

To seal the peace to which they swore...

Unwanted. Unloved. Unladylike. Princess Elowyn has long resigned herself to being an outcast in her own home. Desperate to escape the Rhyddean Court and her family's relentless cruelty, she hatches a plan to escape - but when Elowyn's mortality becomes a bargaining chip in a marital treaty with the Fae, she finds herself leaving Court with her parents' blessing.

A blessing that comes with a condition: Elowyn must aid and abet the Fae's final downfall.

Newly arrived in the Fire Court as the betrothed of the fearsome High King Aramis, Elowyn's mission is to retrieve the spell book that is secreted within his castle walls. But when fire ignites in both their souls, Elowyn's planned treason threatens to betray far more than a single court...or a single heart.

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