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It's a Love Story

Sweet or Spicy Blind Date with a book! (Paperback edition)

Sweet or Spicy Blind Date with a book! (Paperback edition)

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Savor the pleasure of a customized romance experience. Whether you lean towards the purity of 'Sweet' or the allure of 'Spicy,' our blind date awaits you. Unveil the passion, immerse yourself in the narrative, and let your chosen spice level elevate your romance reading to new heights.

Step one:
choose your spice level (Please put in the notes if you have any preferences i.e LGBTQ, Fantasy, Western, etc) Or vice Versa if you want us to steer away from any of those)
Step two: send us your Goodreads account with your order # so we can make sure that we don't send you something you've already read! (and we get to know your taste a little better too!
Step three: we will hand-select your book & custom-wrap it for you!
Step four:
Step five:
Share with us what you think by leaving a review!

Every Blind Date with a book comes with annotation supplies, a bookmark, stickers, & more! Enjoy this hand-picked selection!

Rating System:

Vanilla-Pure, sweet, and comforting. Romcoms, contemporary, cute love stories with zero spice.

Cinnamon- A touch of warmth and spice, like a sweet kiss with a subtle kick. These offer closed door or fade to black scenes.

Jalapeno- Open the door, literally to passion with scenes that offer a spicy kick to your romance.

Habanero- Indulge in explicit open-door encounters that bring the heat to the pages. These are detailed and spicy.

Ghost Pepper- A lot. we mean, a lot of spice. For those who crave explicit and abundant open-door moments, brace yourself for a scorching journey.

All of our Blind Date Books come with cozy reading goodies.

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