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It's a Love Story

House of Light and Ether - (A Gilded City) Paperback)

House of Light and Ether - (A Gilded City) Paperback)

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Everything was falling in place, and I should have been excited because it meant I was one step closer to finding the weapon that would help me defeat the Nightlings. But it also meant my death loomed over me.

Fallon Bane has never been a normal girl. From the moment she was born into the House of Ash and Shadow to being cursed to feel pain whenever she was touched to falling in love with a royal heir of the House of Light and Ether, nothing has seemed to go to plan. So when she runs away after finding out she's starting to give in to her dark magic, she shouldn't be surprised that it goes wrong.

But when it does, and her friends save her from her Nightling mother, she returns to the Gilded City not just cursed but also the chosen one of a prophecy--she will save the fae from the Nightling War. And she will give her life to do so.

Fallon wants to be the hero everyone believes she can be, but she wants to live even more.

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