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It's a Love Story

Princess of Air

Princess of Air

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Kingdom. Family. Love. Which will shatter? Which can she save?

Air may not pummel, scorch, and drown like the other elemental magics, but with Arabella wielding it, it might be the strongest power.

When the Queen reveals the heir to her throne will be determined by a competition rather than birthright, the first born Prince of Earth's rage quakes the palace, and Arabella feels the shock to her bones.

Trials between four siblings-four elements-are bound to be quite the show. Enough to distract from escalating problems throughout the continent.

Arabella will already have a new title soon, but her betrothal does not change the fact that she must compete. If the crown would let her have more moments that ignite her skin and send her heart racing with Tomas, this would be the opportunity of a lifetime. It's his dark hair and blue eyes that pool heat in her belly.

Alas, if she wins, she'll spend the rest of her life facing everything she can't have.

Princess of Air is the spicy first book in the Elements of Royalty epic fantasy romance series. This whirlwind adventure is perfect for lovers of snarky heroines, gripping tension, and steamy desire.

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