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It's a Love Story

Rival Darling (The Darling Devils Series)

Rival Darling (The Darling Devils Series)

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She's got one rule: never date a jock. He'll do whatever it takes to break it.

When seventeen-year-old Violet is left heartbroken by the captain of her school's ice hockey team, she vows to never date a jock again. But, in an attempt to prove she's moved on, she turns to the most unlikely person-her ex's biggest rival, the notorious captain of the Ransom Devils.

Reed Darling is gorgeous, mysterious and intimidating, both on and off the ice. Wild rumors constantly circulate about him, and the only thing people love to talk about more than his hockey skills are his exploits as a ruthless heartbreaker and bad boy. Who better to serve as Violet's fake boyfriend until her ex gets the message, right?

But despite the intense rivalry between their two schools and Reed's infamous reputation, Violet soon starts to wonder if there's more to him than the gossip suggests. And while she tries her best to control their 'relationship' with a list of strict guidelines, Reed has other ideas. He's set his sights on winning her over and is determined to show Violet he's not the guy everyone thinks he is.

She should have known better than to make a deal with a devil because this one is going to break all her rules.

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