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It's a Love Story

Romancing Miss Stone - (Belize Dreams) (Paperback)

Romancing Miss Stone - (Belize Dreams) (Paperback)

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His perfectly planned life is about to go wild.

By-the-numbers Bo Ferguson has his future all planned. Then his archaeologist fiancée dumps him. Via text. From Belize. Navigating the rainforest to win her back is way out of Bo's comfort zone, but so is the idea of starting over. Fortunately, he's secured a tour guide willing to lead him into the unmapped jungle. Unfortunately, she's annoying, impulsive--and attractive as hell.Jungle expert Alexandra Stone is in no position to turn down a job after her regrettable ex stole everything from her family business and ran. Sure, Bo might be frustratingly uptight, but Alex needs the money. And besides, there's about pushing the guy's adorably rigid buttons, especially when it clearly gets a rise out of him.But the close confines of their shared camp make it hard to ignore the tension beneath the bickering, prompting the sweltering heat between them to erupt into sweaty, wild passion. Bo can't deny his brief time with Alex has been the most exciting of his life. But the journey they're on still leads to one place--his ex-fiancée--forcing Bo and Alex to confront their pasts, their fears and the question of just where this adventure will take them...

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