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It's a Love Story

Taking Initiative

Taking Initiative

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After having her heart broken, Jo Rainier is eager to start fresh in a new town in Kansas. When she walks into her local library's first-ever game night, she expects to roll some dice and maybe even make some Monsters & Mythology friends. But instead of finding a friendly group of gamers, she stumbles upon a gorgeous librarian seriously in over his head.

Felix Navarro is desperate to save his job so he can take care of his aging grandfather. He hopes a game night will boost the library's patron numbers-and its budget too. The only problem? He's a buttoned-up pragmatist who's never roleplayed a day in his life. Luckily for Felix, Jo is an experienced MnM Game Master, and she's willing to teach him... especially if that means time alone together.

As they gather at the gaming table, Jo uncovers Felix's soft heart (not to mention his killer forearms), and Felix finds himself falling hard and fast for Jo's charm, wit, and creative mind. The spark between them grows into a flame when they wind up sharing the only available hotel room at an MnM convention. But back home, not everything is fun and games. As their connection deepens, old wounds left by Jo's toxic ex begin to surface, and Felix's earnest affection suddenly feels too good to be true. If they want to create a real romance amidst a world of fantasy, Jo and Felix will have to roll the dice and take a chance on love.

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