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It's a Love Story

The Takedown - by Lily Chu

The Takedown - by Lily Chu

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STEP ONE: Meet Mr. Perfect. Flirt. Daydream. Hope. 

STEP TWO: Discover he's secretly the son of your uber-problematic new fashion industry boss. 

STEP THREE: Realize your uber-problematic new boss is seriously, actually a problem. 

STEP FOUR: Team up with Mr. Perfect in a dizzying corporate coup like something out of a glamorous Old Hollywood movie. (Costume changes! Impulsive Parisian jaunts! Mr. Perfect being, well, perfect!) 

STEP FIVE: Win at everything and take over the whole dang world.

For Dee Kwan, every day is the perfect day. No, really. She has a house she loves, a job she adores, and a ridiculously attractive "nemesis" who never seems to mind when she wins their favorite online game. How can life possibly get better? (It can't, obviously. It can only get much, much worse.)

Soon Dee is forced to share her adorably cozy home with her parents and prickly estranged grandmother. Then she's tossed into the deep end, tasked with cleaning up a scandal for intimidatingly chic luxury fashion firm Celeste. If that weren't enough, she discovers her hot-nemesis works there, too...and Teddy is nothing like the man she thought she knew.

Before she can cry foul, Teddy comes clean about his double life: he's the heir to the CEO and he needs her help to make Celeste a better place--for everyone. But that means taking down the old guard--including his father--intent on standing in their way. Now in the center of a dizzying corporate coup, Dee is forced to decide whether she's ready to stop watching the world through rose-colored glasses and instead face the truth: about herself, about her feelings for Teddy, and about what she's willing to do to truly make a difference.

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