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It's a Love Story

Worth the Risk (Silverthorne Is For Lovers)

Worth the Risk (Silverthorne Is For Lovers)

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A swoony, kick-your-feet-in-the-air, second chance romance

infused with humor and heartfelt connections.

Winslow "Winnie" Parker is a relationship girl through and through--she just likes for them to come with an expiration date.

Between managing her anxiety and opening her bakery, Winnie's come to the conclusion she's not meant to have the kind of love she reads about in romance novels. She's meant to appreciate it--not participate in it. A hopeless romantic, emphasis on hopeless. She's been fine with playing it safe for years.

That is until Rhett Holloway comes back into her life. The 6'4" tattooed solid muscle greek god on skates with a smile as bright as sunshine is back in their hometown--and he's moving in next door. The feelings she had for him 8 years ago are still there. Feelings that threaten to turn her carefully crafted view on love upside down.

Barrett "Rhett" Holloway is best known for playing professional hockey--and leaving a trail of broken hearts behind him.

Playing professional hockey is all Rhett's known for the last decade. After an injury shortens his career sooner than expected he's trading his mouth guard in for a whistle as Silverthorne High's new hockey coach. At 33 he's ready to settle down and start a family of his own. The only problem with is the only time he's ever been in love was 8 years ago and he's still in love with her.

Winnie Parker, wild curls and snarky comments, is the one that got away--even if he's the one that left. After a stroke of luck in the house market, they'll be living right next door to each other. He won't make it as easy this time for her to avoid him or the feelings she won't admit to. He's looking for forever and he has his sights set on Winnie.

Rhett may have fallen first, but when Winnie falls, it's headfirst off a cliff.

Rhett's strong and steady nature may be exactly what Winnie needs to soothe her anxious mind-she just has to decide if she's willing to risk her heart and take a chance on the only man she's ever come close to falling for

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