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It's a Love Story

You Will Bow: A Dark College Romance (Wicked Boys of Bcu)

You Will Bow: A Dark College Romance (Wicked Boys of Bcu)

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My first year at college has been anything but ordinary.

After spending so much energy trying to protect my secret, I failed to realize it's not the past I need to fear-It's my future that's at stake.

I've finally found someone who doesn't judge me for my sins and stays by my side while I trudge through the shadowy corners of my past.

The only problem is, his friends have other plans.

One watches me day and night-painting a picture of a disturbed life together.

And the other is hanging my secret over my head as leverage to aid in his own scheme.

But everyone has a weakness, and that weakness will be mine.

There once was a sicko

who watched me day and night.

His invisible leash,

never let me out of his sight.

His friends were unlike him,

one a monster I feared.

The other bled crimson,

with a heart that was pure.

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